A dose of normalcy

Mia started back to school last week and just like clock work, the sickness has taken over our house. Havey has had hand, foot, and mouth and Mia has step (yuck and double yuck 😷😷)  Haven hasn’t really been too miserable (this kid seriously feels nothing) but poor Mia was down for the count. As hard as it is and as bad as I felt for the girls it was a breath of fresh air in a sense, a couple of days of normalcy. Mia missed the last couple days of school, and we had to cancel therapy for the last couple days of the week. No getting up early to rush Mia off to school after being up with Haven all night. No rushing off to appointments and trying to keep them all straight, no hurrying to tidy up the never ending mess of the house before her therapists came. Just some extra snuggles and sleep and down time. It was seriously just what the doctor ordered, for all of us. Having appointments every single day is a lot. It’s nearly impossible to commit to anything else. I eat, sleep, and breathe these girls and I wouldn’t have that any other way but there’s never time for me anymore, or anything else for that matter. This week I got to sit down and do my make up, twice! Anyone that knows me knows that’s one of the few things I’m passionate about and love to do but don’t get the time to anymore. It felt so good to spend a little time on myself, alone while the girls rested.

Before the Autism/ SPD journey we are on now having a sick baby was the worst thing I had to endure as a momma. Poor Havey went through so much with her ears (3 surgeries before 2) and Mia scared us pretty bad with e-coli when she was a baby. It’s so hard as a momma to have sick babies and to not be able to do much to help besides snuggle them, nourish their bodies, and pray. After a few days of extra love and attention the sickness passes and everything is back to normal. It hit me extra hard this week that this journey with Haven isn’t going to pass, there is no going back to “normal.” Nourishing her body and praying isn’t going to heal her, although it will still help her. Some days that’s a tough thought, this is forever. This is our forever. Back to daily therapies, juggling doctors appointments, Mias school, appointments, and gymnastics, working, and attempting to keep up with the house and cooking. As I sit here and prepare for the week the day to day life is overwhelming. I have to remind myself to look at the big picture and celebrate the small things. I am thankful for the sickness vacation we got this week, it was a bit of a recharge for this momma and I’m so ready to take on the all that comes at us this week. Prayers and good vibes to all this week, eat lots of fair food, love those that mean the most to you, appreciate what and who you have, focus on the good. 

Also anyone who sees Matthew congratulate him on his new business venture. I am so incredibly proud of you and all your hard work to provide for your family and better all of our lives! ❤️



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