Like a Hurricane

Wednesday Haven received her official Autism diagnosis and as prepared as I thought I was for it, I took it so much harder than I thought I would. A couple people asked me, well didn’t you know it was coming? Well Yeah, I did, but it feels like when you know a hurricane is coming, […]

Mia Mia MIA

In honor of my sweet baby turning FIVE this post will be all (well mostly) about my Mia.  At 12:06 am on October 18, 2011 my whole life began. At that moment I learned the actual meaning of love. God sent me that perfect 7lb 4 oz baby girl for a reason. I needed her more […]

And still I rise 

This is probably going to sound like a pity party for one. So be it, but these last few weeks have been so hard and I just feel like some people truly just don’t get it. I don’t expect strangers and acquaintances too, but even close family and friends don’t truly comprehend it. I feel […]


Special. Special Needs. Special Education. “Your child is so special, though.” Special. Special. Special. I loathe the word. This journey has done that to me. Definition of Special: “better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.” Basically that’s exactly what comes to my mind when I think of my Havey. She is all those […]