Today we fired a therapist 

Well not really fired, I’m not Donald Trump. (THANK GOD😷) But today we had to let go of a therapist. A therapist that we welcomed into our home, into our family, into the most vulnerable and painstaking part of our lives. We had higher hopes for her than she had for us, and we are working way to hard to settle for that. 

She was a very, very intelligent woman and Occupational Therapist. She taught me many things we now use in our day to day lives, but she was not the right fit for our family. She was not fully invested in Haven, her recovery, and her future. I felt that from day one until the last day when she told me my daughters Autsim outweighed her Sensory needs and she didn’t think she could be much help anymore and we would just go to a once monthly consultation. We were one week into our new quarter and the week prior we had just written the plan for three more months of weekly sessions in hopes that Haven and her would finally form a bond, and instead she was already giving up. Her words were like a knife in my back. I was in shock she even said it aloud. I felt like she was the person in our “medical family/community” to give up on Haven. I know this won’t be the last time it happens, I know everyone isn’t going to be a perfect fit, and that Havey is a hard egg to crack but we have no time for people that are not fully invested in Haven. We have very high hopes for her future and right now is the absolute most crucial point to be able to meet those goals, accomplish the most, and have it all stick.

When I say we have no time for people not on board I whole heartedly mean it. I don’t care if you are family, friends, acquaintances, doctors, or therapists. If you aren’t on board, get the hell off the bus. We need positive, uplifting, encouraging, loving people who see the bigger picture. Luckily that is exactly what we have with our remaining team. Such an amazing group that go above and beyond to help our Havey, show her unconditional love, and share our common goals and for that I am so thankful. We are doing big things here, and I’m a momma bear on a mission. No one will get in our way. 

Havey and one of our favorite therapists. This woman is a God send ❤️


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