Mia Mia MIA

In honor of my sweet baby turning FIVE this post will be all (well mostly) about my Mia. 

At 12:06 am on October 18, 2011 my whole life began. At that moment I learned the actual meaning of love. God sent me that perfect 7lb 4 oz baby girl for a reason. I needed her more than she’d ever need me. Being her momma has made me a better person. She has gotten me through some of the hardest days and darkest times of my life. She has always been my candle and the fight within me.  Every day for the last five years I knew I had a purpose, a reason to do good and be the best I could. I don’t care if I never amount to anything else in my life, being a momma is more than enough for me. It’s my greatest accomplishment. 

God broke the mold when he made my Mia. She is absolute perfection and The smartest kiddo I know. Today at therapy Haven was coloring on others kids drawings, Mia said “they needed some pizazz  Havey!” Pizazz, like she’s 5 and her vocabulary is better than mine. She’s sweet and so loving, she never wants to do anything to hurt anyone. She is so creative, she’s constantly making things, girlfriend loves her crafts. She also loves the outdoors, picking rocks, playing with bugs (😷😷) everything. That she most definitely didn’t get from me. She loves gymnastics and works so hard at everything she does. She’s such a ham, absolutely loves being the center of attention and doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. She’s my girl through and through. So much sass and attitude, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She’s so beautiful and my little fashionista. She’s really just the best. 

The Weavers. One of the best parts of my Mia is that she’s a Weaver. When I gained my Mia I gained a life long family. I have gone through so much with these amazing people and my love for them grows daily. Aside from my momma and grandma, Dana is like a second mom to me. She makes my life so much easier and is constantly helping me with our crazy life’s. I know without a doubt if myself or either of my girls needed anything they would be there. They’ve embraced Havey and are nothing but encouraging, loving, and supportive for this road we’re walking. People like that are rare, we are so so blessed to have them. 

Her sisters keeper. Mia takes this job seriously and she excels at it more than I ever would have imagined. Being a big sister to Haven is no easy job. Mia sits through therapies without complaint, she wants her sister to be the best she can be and knows there’s a purpose to all the madness. She’s always looking for “Sensory things” for Havey. Mia is Havens comfort zone. She’s the only person Havey will hug or kiss, she’s the only person Haven feels emotions for in a sense. If Mia is upset Havey is right there trying to make it better and vice Versa. Haven is so violent towards Mia sometimes and Mia never holds it against her. She’s always rubbing Haveys back during a melt down, she shares way more than she should, and a lot of times she takes a back burner to our rigorous schedule full of therapy and appointments but she never resents Haven for it. She loves her sister so much and she gets it. God knew what he was doing when he sent me these two. He knew Haven needed Mia and he gave Mia all the tools to be that person for Haven. 

I am so so proud of my Mia and the girl she is turning into. She is going to make an amazing mother and wife someday, she’s already the best friend Havey and I could ask for. I am so thankful God gave me her. Happy fifth birthday my beautiful Girl. I love you Mia Eván Weaver and the life we have together ❤️

xoxo Taylor 

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