In honor of Thanksgiving and honestly all the negativity taking over the world lately I wanted to write a happy, positive post about all the things I am thankful for and what we are loving lately. 

First and most obvious I am SO thankful and blessed to have my girls. Even on the hardest days I couldn’t imagine my life any different. They are totally different and have both taught me so many lessons. Every day being their mother makes me a better person. They will forever be my always. I am so happy God chose me to be your mother. You both are the most incredible mini humans I have ever met. 

Matthew. My sweet, handsome, loving Matthew. It takes such a man to take on children that are not your own, let alone a special needs child. You love my girls as if they were your own and work so hard to provide for our family and for that I am so grateful. Thank you for all you do for us and for loving me through the good and bad days. I love you so fierce. 

All of you. I am so thankful for those of you on our team. You keep me going. Your words of love and encouragement help power me through the hard days. I am especially thankful for the strong women in my life, my mom, my grandma, Dana, my small but mighty group of girlfriends. Thank you for listening to me cry and vent, for offering your love and advice, and for celebrating all the things, big or small with us. I could not do this without you.

Our medical and therapy team. I know I say this often but we really do have such an awesome Group of people caring for Haven. We currently see 5 therapists and 5-10 Drs and specialists. We were just referred to 2 new specialists at Riley’s and their Autism center there. I was floored with our initial visit with the pathologist there. They are so amazing with children And it’s definitely worth the drive. It is one of the best resources with some of the best Autism specialists in the country. I am so thankful to live in this country where my daughter can get all the help she needs. God bless America. Havens been doing therapy about 9 months and although we have big obstacles to conquer still, she has come so far. She kissed me once this week and said “Luh You” to me once as well, those small things most take for granted are the biggest things in our household. We wouldn’t be here without the hardworking men and women on our medical team. Angels, angels among us. 

What else were loving this week. Food, food, food, and extra family time! Matt and I’s sisters are home from college for the week, it has been so nice to spend some time with our sweet girls and have some extra help. We love getting to spend a little time with all of our extended families as well. The Holidays give me such anxiety with Haven but she did really well at all of our Thanksgivings and for that I am extra thankful. Loving the little glimpse of snow we had, anyone that knows me knows I hate the cold but my dear Mia has been counting down until the first snow so it makes my heart extra happy for her. Matt and I ventured out to do a little Black Friday shopping kids free last night and even though I am not much of a fan we had so much fun and got most of our shopping done. Now we can focus on our girls and enjoying the holidays instead of stressing about checking everyone off our lists. I am really trying to tone down the stress and anxiety that the holidays bring and enjoy the “in the moments” with my sweet girls. This year has been a hard one, and continues to be with our day to day struggles, but I am trying so hard to recognize the good parts of every day and not focus on the bad. I hope you all will join me. 

xoxo Taylor
On a side note my momma found this resource while searching for ways to better understand Haven. She said it is the best explained she has found. If you have some time check it out. I know it would be very useful to the people in our everyday lives and is good information for the masses. Thanks momma!

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