What I’m loving this week 

I’m gonna do things a little differently this post. I usually post about our hectic life and struggles with Haven. This week has been freaking hard, I have struggled to stay positive and find the good in every day. So I’m gonna write about something different, things I love and enjoy and applaud. So sorry if it’s not your thing, but I’d like to branch out and give it a shot. 

Yellow Cup. What is Yellow Cup? Well y’all Yellow Cup has been the highlight to my Sunday and easily some of the best coffee I’ve tasted, and thats coming from a die hard Starbucks lover and extreme coffee fiend. There’s something about the first taste of coffee, hand roasted by someone you adore and love, who you know is making it with love that makes you enjoy coffee like never before. My uncle Mitch is following his dreams, such an admirable thing to do and starting his own coffee business and let me say it is AMAZING. Not amazing like he paid me to write this amazing, amazing like I paid for 2 bags and a mug and want to shout it and share it with the world. It is so stinking good and I’m such a huge fan of shopping small, especially when I know who I’m supporting. If y’all need some coffee, a mug, French press, a grinder, whatever it is, let me know. You will not be disappointed, I promise. 

Atypical. Atypical is a fairly new Netflix original series. It is based around a teenage boy who has Autism trying to adjust to the neurotypical world, high school, dating and his families joys, concerns, and struggles along the way. I am a member of quite a few Autism support groups and Atypical has been a contversial subject in many of them lately. Many parents, and people with autism speculate that the show isn’t able to be an accurate depiction of life with autism due to the fact that none of the writers or actors are autistic or have hands on experience with those with autism. Although I can see where they are coming from I think the show is doing the best it can to express some of the very real problems and concerns us parents and people with Autism deal with. Although it is not spot on with Haven as the main character is a boy, teenage at that, we can’t relate on many levels and I have enjoyed the shows protrayal of our very real reality. If you are in need of a new binge show, check Atypical out. As I’ve said before knowledge is power. 

My tribe. I know I’ve said it before but I’ve got some pretty awesome people in my life. I have a couple best friends I wouldn’t trade for the world, they are literally always there. Whether I am stressing, complaining, or praising I can always count on them. I have an awesome sister in law who picks up the slack and is my better half when it comes to our kiddos, we make a good team and for that I am ever grateful. I’m lucky to have a momma that is always there too. She’s my go to call when I can’t stop crying, she keeps Haven even if she screams for an entire hour, my farmers market buddy, and everything in between. My grandma and grandpa, they are always so encouraging and uplifting. I looked over in the middle of a hard, violent melt down with Haven tonight to see my grandpa crying watching me attempt to calm the storm. It’s not often men acknowledge or sympathize with our struggle. It’s hard to see others feel our pain but I’m so thankful for people who care. It’s  crazy how some people drop off, phase out, or seem to have more important priorities, but I’m grateful God always seems to send someone to step up when I need them most. 

Detour Fashion Boutique. If y’all haven’t heard of or shopped Detour you are missing out. It is my go to Boutique for the perfect dress for bridal showers, vacation essentials, and every day staples to my closet. I seriously find myself wearing one of Adies handpicked fashion choices every day. Her prices are amazing, she is so helpful and sweet, and there really is something for everyone there. I’ve gotten Mia shirts there, accessories and clothes for myself, gifts for others, seriously the possibilities are endless. Detour really is a hidden gem in Hamilton. Again, shop small y’all. Do your part

Design for All: Cat & Jack Adds Select Sensory-Friendly Pieces for Kids. Every momma loves Target, it’s like my mini vacation from home. Especially if I’m lucky enough to be able to sneak in a trip alone. Well Cat & Jack, a fairly new brand at Target, has made it easier for those on the Spectrum and many of those not to be able to dress both comfortably and cute. This line was created by a designer who has a 7 year old with Autism that struggles with sensory issues. Many kids with Autism or other sensory processing issues struggle with seams, tags, and embellishments that can be a bother. Haven has both an autism diagnosis and a Sensory Processing Disorder diagnosis but honestly Mia is my hardest one when it comes to sensory issues with clothes, tags and seams in clothes make her LOOSE it. Grateful Target has considered this very big and real part of their clientele and is offering it at a price point affordable for all. It is not a huge line at this point and only available online but I have high hopes of growth as more people become aquatinted with the brand. 

Last but certainly not least is the Autism Acceptance Walk. I cannot believe its that time again already. This time last year was our first major outing for Autism, I had just announced to the world that Haven was Autistic and now here we are a year later! My best friend and I will be walking with the girls, they have so many fun and awesome things to do there for everyone! I encourage anyone and everyone to come walk. Walk for Haven, walk for that little boy at church, walk for complete strangers! Show your support, acceptance, and love of our sweet babies! Anyone is invited to join us! 

That’s all for now, let me know if y’all are interested in more of these. As always lots of love and good vibes, do good and good will be done unto you. 

xoxo Taylor 

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