Helping Haven

Many of you know us and have followed along with Havens journey. Some of youmay not. Life with Haven has been a rollercoaster from the start. Around 18 months Haven began to rapidly go downhill. She started to losesome of her speech, have extremely violent meltdowns, was inconsolablefrequently. It was hard to go in public […]

Hell of A Year

The words/ song that keep playing in my head when looking back on this year. “I love this home but now I hate this house.” After almost ten years of renting the same duplex, I bought the girls and I our first house with hopes of it becoming a home. I’d be lying if I […]


I feel like every December you look back on your year and you feel like it was all just so monumental, that you went through so much, learned so much, grew so much. Every year feels like the absolute biggest, most impactful year, until the next. And then that becomes your biggest feat. Looking back […]

Fears & Fairs

I have this weird sense of memory. Well memories and trauma. I’m sure many others do as well. Certain smells, holidays, events, bring you right back to that moment. It’s like time traveling and in those moments I feel everything so deeply and just like Im living it for the first time. It’s Both a […]


Early last week we met with Mia’s new therapist, she looked at her and said Mia in life you have two choices. You can be a survivor, or you can be a warrior. You my dear, are going to be a warrior. We are going to build you to be a warrior. And as much […]

We used to skip birthdays.

Earlier on in our Autism diagnosis I used to dread getting invitations to birthday parties. Not just Birthday parties but bridal and baby showers, holidays, really any special event. Not because I didn’t want to go, I wanted so badly to go and celebrate these people we loved and the special events in their lives. […]

Puzzle Piece Month

April is Autism Awareness month or as Haven calls it, puzzle piece month. April 2nd is also World Autism Day. But April means a little more to me than just puzzle pieces, blue lights, and bringing awareness, something I strive to do year round. April is also the first time I heard a doctor tell […]