Puzzle Piece Month

April is Autism Awareness month or as Haven calls it, puzzle piece month. April 2nd is also World Autism Day. But April means a little more to me than just puzzle pieces, blue lights, and bringing awareness, something I strive to do year round. April is also the first time I heard a doctor tell […]

Updates and Announcements

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written. I have quite a few pieces drafted up but have been struggling to post them. I started this blog to bring awareness and understanding to the Autism world, my sweet baby, and our struggles, but also as a therapeutic outlet for myself. It has helped me […]

Mia had her tonsils out last winter. Super easy, puked a couple times coming out of anesthesia, ate a McDonald’s smoothie and a breakfast sandwich after, laid in bed for maybe a day. Didn’t need pain meds hardly at all and never got the stinky breath because she just kept going and eating and being […]

Progress & Plateaus

There’s a video going around right now that i shared last week. I know a couple other special needs mommas shared it as well probably because it seriously just hit home so hard for so many of us. It’s about as spot on as it gets in the world of special needs. A lot of […]

Every rise must fall

Happy New Year y’all! I cannot believe how fast this past year went and it’s 2018 already. Last year was such a hard year for us with losing my grandma, such a vital person in our lives then Havens Chiari decompression surgery only a week later. I learned the difference between friends, family, and acquaintances […]

Heartaches & Updates

Wow what a week it has been. My mind is still spinning from all that has happened lately. Matthew has been out of town for work so it’s just been the girls and I. We’ve all have had a cold that’s been kicking our butts. I swear its just been one thing after another. The […]