Today I quit.

Today I quit. As I sat balling, uncontrollably sobbing in the Macy’s parking lot I quit. I didn’t want to do it anymore, and worst of all I didn’t know if I could. I didn’t know how to get through the next 5 minutes, let alone the rest of the day.  It was a normal […]


In honor of Thanksgiving and honestly all the negativity taking over the world lately I wanted to write a happy, positive post about all the things I am thankful for and what we are loving lately.  First and most obvious I am SO thankful and blessed to have my girls. Even on the hardest days […]

Praying for Peace

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, life has been hectic since Havens diagnosis. We had a long list of orders and recommendations and I’m slowly checking them off. The amount of paperwork, phone calls, and appointments these days are insane. I’ve really struggled with my words lately, life has been extra trying, […]

Like a Hurricane

Wednesday Haven received her official Autism diagnosis and as prepared as I thought I was for it, I took it so much harder than I thought I would. A couple people asked me, well didn’t you know it was coming? Well Yeah, I did, but it feels like when you know a hurricane is coming, […]

Mia Mia MIA

In honor of my sweet baby turning FIVE this post will be all (well mostly) about my Mia.  At 12:06 am on October 18, 2011 my whole life began. At that moment I learned the actual meaning of love. God sent me that perfect 7lb 4 oz baby girl for a reason. I needed her more […]

And still I rise 

This is probably going to sound like a pity party for one. So be it, but these last few weeks have been so hard and I just feel like some people truly just don’t get it. I don’t expect strangers and acquaintances too, but even close family and friends don’t truly comprehend it. I feel […]


Special. Special Needs. Special Education. “Your child is so special, though.” Special. Special. Special. I loathe the word. This journey has done that to me. Definition of Special: “better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.” Basically that’s exactly what comes to my mind when I think of my Havey. She is all those […]